Polk County sexual offense prosecutors are aggressive. Complainants are taken at their word. An experienced defense attorney works to reverse the Presumption to Innocence, where it belongs. Board Certified attorney Lawrence Shearer, PLLC has successfully defended clients against claims of sexual battery, lewd molestation, sexual activity with a minor and solicitation to prostitution.




A conviction for a felony sexual offense in Florida carries serious consequences.

  • PRISON: The Criminal Punishment Code (sentencing guidelines) calls for a prison sentence for all felony sexual crimes.
  • PROBATION: Even defendants sentenced to prison are typically ordered to consecutive sexual offender probation, which has extremely restrictive conditions. [Click here to see]
  • SEXUAL OFFENDER DESIGNATION: O. designation requires quarterly reporting, appearance on F.D.L.E.’s sex offender website and local restrictions on where the offender can live – even after he has completed his sentence.



Anyone who finds he is under investigation is wise to consult with an attorney before being interrogated or arrested. A citizen’s right to the presence of a lawyer during questioning applies at all times, not just post-arrest. Also, a suspect communicating with the complainant is not only poor taste, it can be dangerous.

A proper defense to a sexual allegation demands specialized legal knowledge, combined with an appropriate degree of sensitivity. Physical evidence such as DNA appears in a minority of cases, but special rules of evidence sometimes make the prosecutor’s job easier, especially in child victim cases.

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